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Your Windows 10 Plagued by Adware and Pop-ups? Tips to Get Rid of It

You have just upgraded your computer system to the latest Windows 10, but unwanted pop-ups and adware programs are irritating you. Whenever you open the browser Edge, it comes out with a forceful unwanted adware program that asks your permission to access your computer system.

It is both irritating and dangerous for your computer system, as such programs are intended to get into your computer system so as to fetch your important details, or it may infect your computer system.

Such types of pop-up ads are generally generated by an ad-based program that spread throughout the computer system by several monetization platforms while you install the operating system. The nasty program is usually activated on your internet browser when you download and install a third party free software package on your computer system.


As such programs are designed to harm your computer system, it is of a high importance to be aware of such programs and get rid of such pop-ups as soon as possible. You need to reach out to an expert Windows 10 technical support technician, if you want to stop all such things and ensure security against such malicious programs.

Here are some common symptoms that you may encounter when you launch an internet browser on your computer system:

  • Advertising pages are pushed in the websites that you are browsing currently.
  • Random web page text is gets highlighted with unknown and unwanted hyperlinks.
  • Browser pop-ups come on the computer screen, which ask you to go for a fake update or to install other unknown software.
  • Other unwanted adware suites get installed on your computer system without permission.

Apart from displaying unwanted advertisements, the malicious adware programs on Windows 10 are also programmed to remain silently on your computer system, and which is probably the most dangerous thing for a computer system. Tech support for windows

In Windows 10, it’s quite easy to stop the browser showing pop-ups. You have to follow two easy steps:

  • Click on the More actions (…) button and select Settings.
  • Go down the list seen in the Settings and click on View advanced settings and turn Block pop-ups to on.

So, you completed the task by applying these two points. In addition, if you are still experiencing some additional adware programs, you need to try removing them through some advanced tools such as AdwCleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, anti-malware programs, and others. These are reliable tools for deleting adware programs and pop-ups from your computer system.

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