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“Windows was unable to complete the format” Error Resolved

Every now and then while formatting a USB flash drive appears to be an unattainable when you encounter an error message displaying on your computer screen saying “Windows was unable to complete the format.”

In most cases, the error that appears on your computer screen leaves you more or less with very few preferences as it says very few about the errors that have caused issues while trying to format the drive. In such conditions, don’t throw away the drive – there are some simple techniques that you can use to fix the issue. Microsoft Windows Technical Support and Helpline


Basically, we have three simple techniques to repair the issue, all are detailed as follow:

Windows Disk Management:

Windows Disk Management includes an unfailing tool that helps you repair all types of technical problems that you come across while trying to format your USB drive. All that you need to go through the path:

Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Else, you can simply do right-click on the “My Computer” icon seen on the computer display and click on the “Manage” icon. Go to the “Disk Management” and you will find the same options what you find by going through the above path. Windows 10 Technical Help

After completing the procedure, you would have a separate window. Find the USB drive that you want to format. Once you find the drive, do right-click and click on the “Format” option.

Disk Storage Format Tool:

Disk storage format tool is a user-friendly yet reliable application, which can effortlessly repair all types of technical problems that may probably come in the way while formatting your USB drive. Technical Support Phone Number for Microsoft Windows 8

There’s nothing too difficult about the tool – it doesn’t require you to have quality expertise. Simply click on the USB drive, and select an appropriate file system and format the drive easily. Again remember that NTFS file system can only be used when the drive is bigger than 4 GB.

Mac OS X Disk Utils:

The Mac OS X disk utils actually deserves a try just because of its advanced features. For Windows users, it is generally termed to be the last resort when none technique works to repair the issue. Though it may be challenging to find the application, but it is really easy and user-friendly to use.

If the problem still exists and the Windows is unable to format the drive, contact a reliable technical support professional who can repair the issue with the utmost ease.

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