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Windows ID support to recover forgotten passwords

Forgotten passwords and sign-in problems have been a big headache to all Windows users who need to use any Microsoft services. To do so, it is necessary to create a Microsoft account with the help of an email address and a password that allows one to sign in to all Microsoft sites and services, such as OneDrive, Ms Office 365,, and Xbox Live. A Microsoft account is also vital to sign in to your Windows Phone and to PCs that run Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1. People having a Microsoft account in advance can use an email address or create a new Microsoft account. Windows ID support can help aggrieved Windows users recover forgotten passwords and overcome sign-in problems.


If you have unfortunately forget your Windows ID and password, then you can easily get back in to your Microsoft account as soon as possible. If you remember your password but it is not opening the account, then it is likely your Caps Lock is turned off or email address is not spelled correctly. If all common things are working property, then it is high time to reset your password. To do so, do the following:

  • Click a link that asks you to ‘Reset your password’.
  • Choose the reason why you need your password reset. The hit the Next button.
  • Enter the email address that you used while making your Microsoft account. It can be any email address or an email that ends in Microsoft domains— or
  • Enter the characters shown on your screen, then click Next.
  • After adding security info to your account, you will surely get a one-time code (OTP) to the alternate phone number or email address you have registered while making the ID. After entering the same code on the next screen, you can easily make a new password and enable yourself to get all Microsoft services.

If the above-mentioned method is not clicking things for you, then you can simply opt for Windows ID support from Windows support center or any other reliable resource like an independent tech support providing company.

If you fail to reset password, it is likely you have not any security code, your profile is temporarily blocked, or you recently turned on two-step verification. In such odd situations, independent tech support providing companies can help you easily recover or reset your password.

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