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Using WhatsApp on your Apple Mac or Windows PC

Both the Windows PC and Apple Mac are the best tool for technology lovers who deserve the best output from their operating systems as well as machines. Interestingly, both of them allow users to incorporate new applications and get different benefits without any hassles. There are many messaging services that are used by people, but WhatsApp rules the mobile space with its number 1 position. Now, Mac and Windows users can also enjoy features of WhatsApp. Following are some quick and easy steps for setting the messaging app from the comfort of your laptop.


Using the web-based application

  • Download the WhatsApp application for mobile devices: In order to download the messaging app, users need to go to the respective app store and download the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp web works on all major mobile platforms, including BB10, Windows PC, and Apple Mac and Windows Phone.
  • Navigate to on the desktop browser: Simply open up your web browser and move to the link outlined above. Then, you will get a bright green screen with a giant QR code displayed in the center.
  • Locate the ‘WhatsApp Web’ option on your handset. You will find this app hiding in the menu. This option will found in the top right drop-down menu on most devices.
  • Scan the QR code shown on the desktop screen: Once you are done with the 3rd step, users need to click on the ‘WhatsApp Web’ link. After this, you’ll be receiving a QR Code scanner. Just point it at the code on the screen in order to start the process.
  • Get ready to enjoy WhatsApp on your browser: If the code is recognized successfully, you should now see all your contacts. These contacts are displayed on the desktop screen.

Using the desktop application

  • First of all, you need to head to, download the app, and get the dedicated application. Here, Windows users can run the .exe file and install it normally. On the other hand, Mac users should unzip the file into their applications folder.
  • After this, users need to follow all steps used with the mobile application. After installing the app, load the app and you will find a QR Code in the middle of the screen. Now, you can scan it with the camera on your mobile devices. Now, you are all set to enjoy the benefits of messenger app.

In case you find it hard to use WhatsApp on Windows or Mac, then you can take help from independent tech support providing companies.

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