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Unable to Connect Your Windows PC to Internet – Try this Informative Guide

When your computer system suddenly gets disconnected from the internet, it takes you to an uncalled-for situation, cutting you off from the rest of the world. But you must be happy to know that your Windows is technically efficient to check if there is any technical problem in your computer system. It helps you single out the issue that is stopping you from accessing the internet. However, not all Internet issues are pertaining to your computer system.

There are scores of reasons that can happen to be a root cause for the issue. Before you start the troubleshooting, it is necessary to identify the issue and determine what category the issue falls into. If you look for a quick support for the issue you are experiencing, you have basically two options.


You can visit official page if your Mac is under warranty, or you have an option for accessing independent techies, as well, who will provide you with a fruitful and instant support for the Mac network issue.

To get a better understanding over the issues, you visit Microsoft Windows help page where you will come to know about some easy steps. Here are some suggestions and technical steps mentioned  below that you can use to take on to fix the issue.

Are you neglecting some noticeable things?

More often, we fail to see some obvious things when we fall into a technical problem. Unplugged or loose network connection is the most obvious thing that we fail to notice at the time when our Windows computer gets disconnected from the internet.

And if you are working on your laptop, chances are that the Wi-Fi may inadvertently be turned off. Make sure the network cable is duly connected and the router is turned on.

IP Address conflict

There is a huge possibility that the IP conflict between devices and computer systems on a network will be disconnecting you from the internet. To fix the problem, you would better to access a reliable technical support for Windows IP conflict error.

Check the computer firewall settings

Most of the firewall programs installed on Windows PC are designed to stop unwanted web traffic. And in this way, you may not be allowed to visit some specific websites.

Check the firewall settings and ensure it is configured properly in accordance with your requirement.

Check the Local Area Network setup

If you experience issues with IE, then you will have to make a change in the LAN settings. Follow the path Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings. Here in the LAN window, you can check the box “Automatically detect settings.”

For advanced settings, you must be in touch with an experienced Microsoft technical support technician who can extend an instant help if you fall into any additional problem.

Disable/enable network card

The next measure you can think about is to check if there is any issue with the network card. You can first of all disable it and then enable the same again to make sure it is working properly.

To do so, click on Start button and type ncpa.cpl in the Run wizard. You will get the network options – simply do a right click on the network and select Disable. Once it is disabled, you can enable the same through the same process. If you are comfortable with this process, you should avoiding tweaking the settings as it may result in additional issue.

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