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Time-tested techniques to fix Windows 10 issues

Windows 10 upgrade experience has been a greater subject of discussion for millions of Windows users who have already moved to the latest version as well as the users who are still undecided about switching over to the latest and much-hyped operating system from the leading technology giant.


People who have moved to the next version are complaining of unexpected issues even after going through all updates. People who haven’t moved further are hesitated due to a long and exhaustive list of Windows 10 issues encountered by other Windows 10 users. Following are some peak issues and their relevant solutions via some time-tested techniques. These include:

  • Nonresponsive shell: Comparing to previous versions, Windows 10 has a completely different shell. Although there is the Explorer.exe process existed at its core, yet there are some extra components that enrich the “modern experience.” When you click the Start button, it is likely that nothing may happen or the entire taskbar refuses to respond to interaction, so you need to open Task Manager by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Escape’ together. It will help you find Windows Explorer in the task list, and then you can easily click the Restart button.
  • Performance issues: Unexplained slowdowns and hangs are always frustrating. So, Windows 10 users can use Task Manager’s Performance tab and Resource Monitor in order to figure the problematic process. After some hours or days of upgrading, it’s common to see some background activity affected by indexing and backup. Technical Support Phone Number for Windows 8
  • Microsoft Edge: Microsoft’s new browser is being developed as it misses a few features in which support for extensions is crucial. If you are suing the Edge and it still doesn’t work well on your preferred websites, then you need to replace it with a different default browser.
  • Windows Store: A large number of Windows 10 users have been heard of complaining about inability to access apps in the Windows Store. Apparently, some of the store issues were associated with the Microsoft’s end and have been timely fixed by frequent updates. Here, issues like apps that refuse to update properly are concerned. It is probable that you can fix some problems with the Wsreset command that successfully resets the Windows Store. For overcoming persistent problems, it is vital for you to go for a full Windows reset. Windows 7 Technical Customer Support
  • Individual app issues: The issue that affects the Store can also curse the new Universal Windows apps. Such problems can be manifested with apps that crash or refuse to open without any reasons. For third-party apps, app un-installation and re-installation may work, but for greater issues a full Windows Reset is needed. Support for Windows

It is likely that these suggestions will make things happen. If not, getting connected to Microsoft support center or any other 3rd party tech support providing companies is the best possible solution.

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