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The Windows 10 Launch Really a Different Move?

The July 29 launch of Windows 10 was quite different from previous Windows launches as it had no inclusion of usual details. When it comes to proving why the launch was really a different move than that of previous Windows versions, there are many logics put up by general public, Windows experts as well as business professionals. Have a look at some arguments or assertions to shed some light on the question: “Is Windows 10 Launch Really a Different Move?”

Generally, each Windows version was built up over a multi-year period as the leading technology giant Microsoft Crop had to reach various internal and external milestones over time. Betas and release candidates opened ways for developer, business and consumer previews year-over-year. But the things that is really different and always matters the most are:

  • RTM (Release to manufacturing)
  • GA (General availability)

Both these points played a vital role with reference to the time at which customers could get their hands on Windows products. PC makers test the new Windows on their new and existing PCs as well.  Basically, this process takes 2 or 3 months due to RTM and GA factors. The same can be perceived in Windows versions hitting RTM on a particular date and GA of the same product for consumer use after 2 or 3 months. Technical Support Phone Number for Microsoft Windows 8.1


The July 29 release date for Windows 10 is different in terms of fitting the normal RTM-to-GA testing period. From the announcement of upcoming OS and actual on the July 29, 2015, there was less time than PC makers got for Windows 8. Yes, Windows 10 is different as the company completed its promise by sticking to the release schedule. Interestingly, Windows 10 was made available for all users of Windows 7- and 8.1-based PCs absolutely free of cost as an initial one-year special deal. Microsoft Windows Technical Support and Helpline

Mike Nash, the VP of product strategy and customer experience for HP Personal Systems, said Microsoft’s plan to ship Windows 10 in 2015 assisted the company’s plan to own release schedule and design products for Windows 10. The tech giant Microsoft was not just giving away Windows 10, but was really easier to upgrade. Customers buying a PC in 2015 would get a PC that was designed for Windows 10, with assured upgrade. Before this, PC makers had to create their own custom upgrade kits to get upcoming Windows versions. Now, the company and PC makers ensure that driver updates delivered through Windows Update are right drivers for hardware.

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