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Support against controversial new Wi-Fi Sense feature in Windows 10

Since the last one year of its global launching, Windows 10 has been in news for a number of reasons that decide its acceptance and rejection with a mixed response. But, the OS from the world’s leading technology giant Microsoft Corp has been accepted over 100 millions devices across the world. Yet there are some of the most common Windows 10 problems. In the meantime, the availability of Microsoft support center, ensures Windows 10 users can get instant solutions for all sorts of major or minor issues with networking. Overall, for the most part it, the OS has been a smooth sailing.


Microsoft unveiled a new Wi-Fi Sense support feature to Windows 10 that let trusted users to connect to a Wi-Fi network without using the network’s password. When it came to using the technology, there were some serious security implications for Windows 10’s early adopters and critics. By default “Wi‑Fi Sense” feature connects you to Wi‑Fi so that you can easily get online in more places in the least amount of time. Microsoft wrote on its website. “It can connect you to open Wi‑Fi hotspots it knows about through crowdsourcing, or to Wi‑Fi networks your contacts have shared with you by using Wi‑Fi Sense.” The company also recommends Windows 10 users to follow lots of instructions to get instant Internet access.

There are two big issues with the usage of this feature. First, it connects people to your secure Wi-Fi network whom you don’t know. Another thing is that it develops a direct connection between two computers’ host PC users don’t initiate. This way, it can open a way for online hacking. Users of this feature can make their device more secure when they dial a toll-free Windows technical support phone number.

Following is a short description showing how you can easily disable and block Wi-Fi Sense. To do so, you can ask Windows support professionals or just follow couples of things given below:

  • Open the PC’s Settings on your Windows 10 computer and tap on Network and Internet. Then, simply disable all of Wi-Fi Sense’s features under Manage Wi-Fi.
  • After this what you have actually do is to rename your network’s SSID as it will help protect your home Wi-Fi network and let other users think the Wi-Fi Sense feature is unable to connect to their devices.

Moreover, you can install a guest network that visitors can access. But you also need a router that has potential to support multiple wireless networks.

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