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Steps to make your sluggish Toshiba laptop run faster

Toshiba’s Satellite laptop for Windows 10, TECRA performance laptops for serious business, and Portege laptops for ultimate technology in mobility are enough to describe why Toshiba is a global brand and known for leading innovation. With loads of smart features and innovative traits, Toshiba products have an edge. Laptops are machines and they also prone to several unexpected issues that bog down and reduce their speed. Toshiba laptops are not an exception. Comparing to other branded laptops, Toshiba laptops are not prone to slowdowns than that of other laptops. Following is a discussion on information on troubleshooting a slow Toshiba laptop.


Go for the following tips that will help users troubleshoot a slow Toshiba laptop.

End unnecessary processes

Running to many processes compel any laptop not function smoothly. In the same manner, Toshiba laptops can slow down drastically if they are being forced to run too many processes simultaneously. To check out which processes are being run running at a particular time period, you need to access the Task Manager. Tech Support for Windows 10

  • For doing so, you should press Ctrl+Atl+Delete and click “Start Task Manager”.
  • When you are in the task manager, don’t forget to click on the tab that reads “Processes”.
  • When you reach this tab, you will find all the processes running currently. Some of the processes are vital to your computer whereas some of them are less important. If there are some processes that are inactive and not used by you, just right click on them and select “End Process”. It is possible that cancellation of maximum unused processes will make your laptop go faster than before.

Run a Disk Cleanup

If you find data on your Toshiba laptop is split, make sure that the machine you are using will not be able to access the information quickly. To get rid of this weird situation, you will want to run a disk cleanup. To make it possible, you need to access the following feature with this path:

  • Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

With this path, you can easily compress the files on your Toshiba laptops. It will also assist you in making the information easier to contact the machine. In addition, if you go for the “More Options” tab, you will be able to clean up available information with reference to these areas: Windows components, installed programs, system restore, and files to delete. Laptop support for Toshiba

By ending unnecessary processes and running a disk cleanup, you can easily troubleshoot a slow Toshiba laptop.

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