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Smart solutions to fix Windows 10 upgrade problems

Every day, thousands of Windows lovers upgrade their devices to Microsoft’s latest operating system: Windows 10. With new features and modern fixes, it is considered as a great operating system but it usually acknowledges upgrade problems. These issues are widespread and occur as users have no idea of understanding the Windows 10 upgrade process. Following are some the upgrade problems and their relevant fixes suggested by Microsoft support professionals so that you can bring the best out of your devices. It is assumed that users will do a clean Windows 10 upgrade for having the best results.

Something Happened Error

While running Windows 10 on their PCs, it is possible that users are running into the issue that is being referred to as ‘Something Happened error’ displayed on the screen. Technology giant Microsoft has the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool that automatically fixes this issue. Experienced Windows users can manually try and fix the issues with the Command Prompt by following some instructions.


Windows 10 Will Not Run on This PC Error

Some users complain of the non-functionality of some devices even Windows 10 is compatible with their PC after the upgrade. To fix this issue, you have to do the update anyway. After the update is completed, you can download any new drivers for the devices inside your machine. You can also check for updates manually by going to Start>Settings>Update and Security. After this, click on Check for Updates. If issue is still messy, then take Windows 10 support from Microsoft support center.

Where Find Your Windows Key

Doing a completely new installation needs a product key from the Windows version you actually had on the PC before Windows 10. If you are having Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you need to look for a sticker pasted on your PC. Users of Windows 8.1 will find the key embedded in their devices. If you are searching for the Windows product key, then should look for some paperwork for your device.

Black Screen after Updating

Some users looking for Windows 10 upgrade find that they have a black screen and the system won’t start after the upgrade. Although Microsoft is still trying to fix the issue but the issues is happening on multiple PC configurations. Here, users can go for the backup utilities available with their device or they can create some external media back up before going for the upgrade. If this issue is reoccurred, visit your nearest Microsoft Store and look for Microsoft Windows support from professionals and experts.

If these issues are still a headache for you, then technical help from independent tech support providing companies can make a real difference.

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