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Security Alert for Brand New Locky Ransomware

Have you ever opened your system and thought that by just clicking on Microsoft Word Document you are likely to notice that all files on your PC or laptop are corrupted? Well, a new type of virus called ‘locky ransomware’ is poising serious viral threats. If you are receiving any kind of suspicious or unexpected email in a MS word document file, then think twice before opening such type of file. If you do so, it may harm your system and lead to system failure or collapse. Antivirus Technical Customer Support

Cyber threats are very influential these days due to the success of their cyber criminals and crook friends as more versions of ransomware with alarming regularity are releasing. Locky was detectable by three antivirus products from, what British security researcher Kevin Beaumont described, niche vendors at first. Since then, security vendors have updated their signatures to detect the malware. The latest one to connect with the increasingly crowded ranks of ransomware tools is the brand new “Locky,” a somewhat differently named but a dangerous tool.


Working of Locky Ransomware

Locky ransomware is being distributed via Outlook or Microsoft 365 in the form of an invoice email. Once the consumer opens the file or document, the doc file gets downloaded automatically to the system. As soon as the consumer clicks or taps on enable option, it will start encrypting all the files on your system. One of the new disturbing characters of the new ransomware are their capability to encrypt your data and as well as network-based help and support files as well. Noton Antivirus Technical Customer Service Helpline

Following are Preventative Steps:-

  1. Update your Systems on regular interval of periods with latest updates. This is not going to prevent locky, but it is the best to secure your device for malware.
  2. Don’t open any suspicious emails that are unexpected.
  3. Control the exact backup and disaster recovery solution.

Role and importance of backup

This is amazingly a significant topic to discuss for. The simple way to get the data back without paying much is through your most fresh backup. If you don’t have backup, then this ransomware should show you the exact necessity so that you can protect your organization from data loss, data breaches and from other sort of attacks.

Locky deletes the network-based backup files and existing (VSS) Volume Snapshot Service files. If you want further details regarding these technical issues, then it’s better to call a certified customer support providing company. Expert technicians, here, help you in resolving these virus related issues in an efficient manner.

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