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Recovering deleted message items from empty folder in Outlook

A number of Outlook users hit various forums and communities to inquire about recovering deleted email. Such issues are raised not only by the users who want to recover unintentionally deleted email, but also who receive sensitive information, personal information and credit card numbers by mail. Some users also had concerns on data breach and forensic methods to recover deleted files from a hard drive. The most interesting issue was recovering deleted messages by hacker from empty folder in Outlook. For such people, Microsoft Outlook technical support is the best answer.


Neither you nor any hacker can easily recover your deleted items if you prefer to use a POP3 account. If you use IMAP or MSN, then you can’t recover deleted items from the local store. If you are using Exchange mailbox, then it is likely that messages can be recovered by anyone having access to your mail box because all messages are stored on the server for some time before getting deleted forever. Someone using 3rd party apps can try to recover the messages if your Outlook is configured to use a PST, Shift+Delete or empty the Deleted items folder. Now PST is more complicated. Data file compaction after emptying the Deleted items folder will eradicate the ability to recover deleted items. Aggrieved users can make a difference with a toll-free Outlook support phone number.

Recovering Deleted items in Exchange accounts

There is a possibility of recovering deleted items from Outlook and Exchange server mailboxes. Even if you have a secure network and deleted items are accessible in Recover Deleted Items when the DumpsterAlwaysOn key is enabled. And the same is more likely to happen when the user deleted the items using Shift+Delete. Outlook not responding

There is a Deleted Item Retention policy in Exchange that helps you recover Deleted items by stopping users to remove the messages from Recover Deleted Items. If the organization archives messages, they could be found someplace in the network. Here, Outlook customer service makes things happen for ones who looking for recovering deleted message items from empty folder in Outlook. You can also use DumpsterAlwaysOn and DumpsterControl keys to recover newly deleted items from any folder in Outlook.

You can also opt for Outlook help from 3rd party technical support providing companies via their remote support service.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Shift+Delete option can help you recover deleted items in Exchange 2010 when you click on the Deleted Items folder and select Recover Deleted items.

In Exchange 2007, go to Options, Deleted items to see if deleted items are available for recovery.

In Exchange 2003, add cmd=showdeleted to your OWA url to access deleted items recovery.

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