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Microsoft to Shrink Windows 10 Update Size by 35 Percent

Microsoft has announced to roll out a new update process named as “Unified Update Platform” that is set to reduce the update download file size by 35 percent. The new update platform is all intended to trim down the time and to speed up the download process subsequently.

Prior to the newly-announced Unified Update Platform, it was quite irritating and time-consuming to download some update files. Consequently, the users were reporting the issue volubly at different Microsoft support platforms.

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Though the  has always been in place to help the users get rid of such conditions, yet the users have to go through some irritating and inconvenient conditions. To eliminate such situations, Microsoft addresses the problem by introducing a new kind of update mechanism.

In lieu with increasing anguish for irritating updates, Microsoft is planning to introduce “Unified Update Platform” that comprises of some behind-the-scenes modifications, which will ascertainably decrease the processing time required for updating Windows 10 operating system.

The actual benefit for Windows 10 users is said to have at the time when they have to switch over to major updates from the older one. It can help them save on the time and get all the required and recommended updates downloaded and installed in comparatively smaller amount of time. It would be a great platform for those having a low bandwidth internet connection.

Currently, Microsoft has introduced UUP as part of Windows 10 mobile public beta build. The users registered with Windows Insider program will be able to avail of the new platform for the next update. It must be a big change for Windows users as they would be seeing a substantial reduction by 35 percent in the overall processing time.

Is there any possible room for technical problems?

As the experts believe, users would quietly be facing some sorts of technical problems even after using the new platform for the Windows update, however the way they have been experiencing issues will certainly change. There might be some technical problems related to Unified Update Platform, but you can easily prevail over all situations easily with the help of Windows 10 technical expert support.

On the other hand, some of the issues related to update downloads may also emerge in the midway. But you don’t need to get worried – solutions will always be there to help you out. You would better be in touch with Windows 10 experts so that you can get all types of challenges removed easily without any additional obstacles.

Keep on visiting Microsoft help page and try to get all information details if there is anything available for Windows 10 operating system. Unlike other common issues with Windows 10 OS, you may see some odd symptoms on your computer system and mobile device. Whatever the issue you come across, simply remove it using advanced technology and real time tech solutions from experienced professionals.

To offer a quick and instant support service, some of the independent service providers have come up with their ascertained services and top-notch solutions.

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