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Microsoft advocated solutions to Windows error codes procedure to overcome system errors

When you work on any operating system, it is likely that you may receive some common errors that are irritating and compel you to search for a right resource (Windows support center) that can help you get rid of those bothersome errors. Windows operating system from Microsoft is no exception to such errors. Following are some errors that occur often on a Windows system and they can be hard to fix without having assistance from Microsoft-certified Windows professionals. It is a common Windows error codes list where you will find both common windows problems and solutions matching your changing technical assistance needs.

When it comes to handling Windows errors codes and offering Windows users instant solutions, there should be a high level of expertise and an in-depth knowledge for the Windows OS.  By going through the common Windows error codes list, Windows users will get instant and possible solutions for fixing a majority of common Windows errors that could seriously damage your computer system. System error support for windows 7


When your screen is hit with the message: “Connection Successful!” the best response to the same question is that you really needn’t any sort of help as all is well with your Windows-operated system.

In other cases where the error message is negative, you need a real solution from Microsoft support center.

  • Error # 2 with error message: System cannot find specified file; Solution: You should reinstall NCP & DUN
  • Error # 5 with error message: Access Denied; Solution: 1. Make sure that you’ve entered the fitting username and password in the field displaying “domain” for NT/2k and 2. Check if the option “accept any authentication including clear text” is turned on.
  • Error # 5 with error message: Invalid Procedure Call; Solution: You need to install dialup and network components again.
  • Error #6 with error message: Stack Overflow; Solution: Try cold booting your computer and if you still fail to find any solution, it is likely that the issue is associated with RAM or the Swap file.
  • Error #20 with error message: The system cannot locate the specified device; Solution: Make sure you select the right modem. Reinstall the modem if it is not working. Moreover, you can also go for the reinstallation of NCP/DUN/RAS.
  • Error #71 with error message: No more connections are allowed; Solution: There is more than one connection to your account; your Internet Service Provider can bump the ghost program off with the ghosted server.
  • Error #380 with error message: Invalid Proper Value; Solution: Make sure that Autodial should be pointed to the correct dialer or you can set up the dialer again.Technical solutions for windows 10
  • Error #600 with error message: An operation is pending; Solution: Try to reboot your compute and ensure modem is not used by other program. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and contact a Microsoft professional if RNAAPP loads.

These Microsoft recommended solutions to Windows error codes are likely to overcome system errors amicably.

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