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IncrediMail to Outlook: Just Few Clicks Away to Migrate IncrediMail Messages to Outlook

As soon as you upgraded your computer systems in your office to Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, you find a good reason to transport your IncrediMail messages to Outlook 2016. Though IncrediMail is undoubtedly an amazing email application with several incredible features and lovely emoticons, but most of features in your IncrediMail are no longer useful for your business purpose.

On the other hand, Microsoft has enhanced its with some new features so as to ensure improved performance, security and reliability – particularly to meet business requirements. Developed upon the latest Office 365 infrastructure, it can help you customize your email app in accordance with your professional requirements.


When it comes to exporting emails from IncrediMail application to other email program, a user has to rely on a reliable IncrediMail tech support professional. Though IncrediMail doesn’t offer any integral feature to help you take the messages to other program like Outlook, yet there are some convenient measures that can help you do so securely and flawlessly.

You would better go for a reliable technical support for IncrediMail that can help you instantly.

Before we have a glance at the process of exporting IncrediMail contacts and emails to, let’s know about some cool features that we can avail after switching over to the Microsoft email program.

How we can make the most of the Outlook 2016 to the fullest:

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced Outlook 2016 with new features and applications. Based on Office 365 infrastructure, it ensures enhanced performance and agility with the utmost security to your email conversation. Within few months, more than 175 million accounts have been upgraded to the latest Outlook application.

In today’s digital era, the protection to your identity and crucial business data files is very important, and the switch-over-to can ensure the same with improved efficiency and reliability.

In addition, the new Outlook can also help a user to stay ahead in terms of his/her travel schedule, as it allows the user to add flight confirmation to the Outlook calendar automatically. Likewise, it comes includes an improved address book that knows who remains on the top of your communication with others. It can filter those contacts who you communicate the most.

  • Integrating documents and files with ease:

Often, we get emails comprising attachments, travel schedule, meeting schedule, and budgets. Handling such types of messages is really a strenuous task – especially when we use an email app that doesn’t work well with Office documents. is profoundly collaborated with Office 365 that can help you handle all types of Office documents easily. It allows you to view and edit documents in Words, Excel, or PowerPoint.

  • Improved Skype integration

Communication has been made simple here in Outlook 2016, as you can now switch effortlessly between chat and email without ever exiting your inbox. It has been featured with enhanced Skype integration, video, audio calls, and chats.

  • Emojis and images

Microsoft understands how a conversation gets an edge with the help of emojis and images. includes some interesting images and emojis that can make your email fun and full of life.

So these are some interesting features that can make your decision a worthwhile. Millions of businesses and organizations are relying on the new Outlook email application simply because of its professional worthiness.

But the benefits of can only be exploited to the fullest, when you have configured the email program in accordance with your business requirements. There may come some conditions that you require experts’ suggestions; dial toll-free technical support helpline number for Outlook and access the most reliable support instantly.

Export your IncrediMail Messages to Outlook:

A problem comes to the fore when a user tries to find if IncrediMail can help him/her to export the message, because the email app doesn’t have any such feature. In this condition, the users are left with only two options – technical support for IncrediMail and mail converter tools. The former is suggested to be a better option because every task is taken forward under an expert’s supervision.

If you go for the technical support, the chances are higher to get the task completed in a real time. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about your important data files, as the entire actions are executed carefully through the certified methods.

IncrediMail draws on .imm file format to store mail messages. So before taking them to, it is necessary to save the messages in EML format through IncrediMail Backup PRO. To do so:

  • Open IncrediMail Backup PRO.
  • Check if the “My IncrediMail” accounts is checked.
  • Click “Extract to EML.”
  • Click Next.
  • Optionally, you should make sure only those folders are selected that you want to take to Outlook.
  • Click Next.
  • Go to your Desktop.
  • Click Next again to save the file on your desktop.
  • Now close IncrediMail Backup PRO.

Now you need to open your and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open the IncrediMail folder saved on your desktop
  • Press Ctrl-A to choose all .eml files.
  • Highlight the files, then drag and drop them into the folder of your Microsoft Outlook

Apart from these steps, you can also use some converter tools to exercise the procedures. To get it processed properly and flawlessly, you would better contact a third-party technical support technician who can reliably help you in a real time.


As your computer systems are running on Windows 10 OS, it is vital for your business to adopt highly efficient email application that offers increased performance, improved agility, and reliable protection to the entire business email communications. To make the email experience remarkable with both at home and at work, Microsoft keeps on updating the email client with new things always – as more to come in your new Outlook email app.

If you want to explore more in Outlook, dial toll free Outlook support helpline number to get an instant understanding of Outlook 2016 features.

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