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Importing mails from IncrediMail installation

Backing up IncrediMail data, such as messages, settings, and letters, from an old computer can be a daunting task, and you can blame the same for a number of reasons. You can save your valuable data from being lost if you have a safe and secure backup or you have a hard disk having all safe data inside. Sometimes, copying the old data folder is not an option to do so. In such condition, the best thing you can do is to take IncrediMail technical support to make things happen.  You may have set up a new IncrediMail installation on a new computer, but it is no guarantee that Data and Settings Transfer would function smoothly.


Things can be tougher if you have no working IncrediMail to export your data. Interestingly, there are some steps that can help you get hold of the emails you previously had. Thanks to IncrdiMail help phone number that allows you to meet mail experts and resolve all issues in no time. When it comes to rescuing or importing Mail from an old computer or IncrediMail Installation, you need to follow some step-by-step information. While importing import messages from .imf files of an old IncrediMail installation, make sure you have the right access to the old IncrediMail data folder. In addition, you can set up the old hard disk in the new computer or use a data copy. Also make it clear that you don’t have compressed folders.

IncredMail support for importing mail from IncrediMail installation makes a difference when you abide by the following steps thoroughly.

  • Open IncrediMail.
  • From the menu, what you need to do is to choose File | Import | Messages.
  • Highlight IncrediMail.
  • Click Next.
  • Then, tap on Select Folder.
  • Highlight your old IncrediMail data folder.
  • Click OK.

Remember: You don’t have to select an individual identity as just highlighting the IM folder is enough.

  • Click Next.
  • And ensure that All Folders option is selected.

You can check Import into a new folder titled ‘Imported from IncrediMail’. And it will help you gather all recently imported folders under a single super-folder. If you don’t check it, then IncrediMail will continue importing old folders as sub-folders of existing folders.

  • After this, simply click Next.
  • Now click Finish.
  • Finally, you can move all messages from the imported folders to their original positions.

If you still find it hard to import mails from older computers, then getting connected to IncrediMail professionals can help you make things happen.

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