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Handy ways to fix QuickBooks corrupted data file issues

QuickBooks is one of the Intuit’s bug- free product on the marketplace and the software is much less worrying than most of the other applications. It is used by small and mid-sized businesses for most of their financially-related processes. Intuit has the capability to quickly resolve almost every problem in the software. Sometimes when you open your QuickBooks data file you will get a message that your “QuickBooks data files are corrupted”. For this, you need a twofold process involving both risk reduction and repair to fix the issue. You can also contact QuickBooks technical support phone number and get reliable support from the certified technicians.


QuickBooks accounting software is very easy to use and you don’t need any standard accounting techniques to understand the software, such as double-entry bookkeeping. Intuit the developer of QuickBooks has an unbelievable beta testing process before releasing each new version of QuickBooks software to fix the issues which users are facing formerly. If you confront any sort of issue in QuickBooks data files, then you can take QuickBooks data recovery support to fix the issue.

Reducing the Risk of File Corruption

To reduce the risk of QuickBooks file corruption there are abundant steps which can help you in managing QuickBooks file corruption. One of the most useful ways to reduce the risk of file corruption is to use Interpreting the Product Information Window method. It’s important to ensure that you have installed the newest version of the QuickBooks software. To get complete Product Information, simply open the QuickBooks data file and then press F2 key to get complete details about the file. If you are experiencing any sort of issues in recovering the data, then you can simply take help from QuickBooks technical support number and get complete steps to solve the problem instantaneously.

Repairing QuickBooks Data Files

There are various types of data files which are corrupted and there are several ways to repair them. You can repair these problems with the help of Data Utility program. In case, you are unable to repair your QuickBooks corrupted data files, then you can merely dial a toll-free QuickBooks customer support number to overcome these technical problems and avail the best support services at reasonable rates. To fix QuickBooks Data Files corruption issue, perform the following steps:

  • First of all re-sort all QuickBooks lists
  • Now run the Rebuild Data File utility program.
  • Make a Portable Company File and restore the Portable Company File.
  • Lastly, run the Verify Data utility to ensure the steps above worked and that the Verify Data utility doesn’t identify any further problems.

If the problem persists, then repeat the above-mentioned steps or simply take QuickBooks data recovery support from a reliable technical support providing company and get instant help for the same.

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