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Free Windows 10 OS: Microsoft’s strategy to keep itself in the fray

Since its global release last year in July, Windows 10 has been in news not only for its release but also for a number of issues that Windows users faced, willingly or unwillingly, while moving to the latest version from the existing version of Windows. The company is giving away the latest version of the OS at no charge to consumers who run their PCs with older versions of Windows. Now, they can just download and install the OS free of cost till July 29. After that, they need to add some burden to their pockets and pay $119 or more to purchase the OS. Moreover, instant availability of Windows 10 tech support services from Microsoft support center ensures users best customer services.


More than 300 million machines have been upgraded despite many people are happy with their current Windows versions. As the company wanted all users to move to Windows 10 set up, it used some sneaky tricks, like upgrading default settings, downloading Windows 10 onto people’s hard drives without their permission, and a big message box showing a schedule for a Windows 10 upgrade, to retain existing customers to its fold.

Some people who have moved to the next version of the OS were not happy with the OS due to some technical issues. Even, Microsoft support center is getting heaps of complaints from Windows users who moved to the next version. Some people moved back to versions they have been using before moving to the much-hyped version. With Apple and Google as bitter players of Microsoft in the competition, Redmond, Washington-based tech giant’s business strategy is to keep itself at the center of the computing universe. The free distribution of Windows 10 operating system up to July 29, 2016, indicates that Microsoft wants to retain its customers so that they don’t get swayed away by Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, and cheap laptops from Google that are also responsible for plummeting the sales of Windows computers.

“The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice,” technology giant Microsoft said in an e-mailed statement. “People receive multiple notifications to accept the upgrade, and can reschedule or cancel the upgrade if they wish. We’re continuing to listen to customer feedback and evolve the upgrade experience based on their feedback,” added the company.

The company wants to see itself at the center of the computing universe and beat its arch-rivals in the competition. Using attractive and ensnaring tricks can woo customers but the real scenario will come in open when people have to buy the OS.

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