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Fixing security updates issues caused by security patches in Windows 10

From login to networking issues, from installation to file opening issues, and from Cortana to startup issues, Windows 10 has been in the news since it came into existence on July 29, 2015. To respond to all sorts of major or minor issues, Microsoft pushes out security updates on Patch Tuesday. This way, Microsoft offers some sort of technical support for eliminating all teething issues. Windows Updates are all about keeping Windows and other Microsoft software updated usually a little intervention.

Basically, updates address two issues: One is to correct bugs (problems) within the software, and the other one is to add new compatible hardware support. Sometimes, these patches cause problems and compel Windows 10 users to seek for instant Microsoft Windows technical support from all possible channels to get rid of all issues effectively. If updates don’t work properly, they put a negative effect on the performance of the latest operating system from the world’ leading technology giant. To overcome the issues caused by the security updates, Windows users can rely upon some troubleshooting suggestions from Windows support professionals.


It is assumed that you are not a tech-savvy and capable of resolving irritating Windows 10 issues even after spending some valuable hours. Security updates will result only in Windows starts successfully or Windows doesn’t start successfully. Before coming to any conclusion, you also need to know if the updates have been installed properly or not. Another crucial thing that you need to check is to make sure if the update you have installed was really a Windows update. Sometimes, another software companies frequently push updates to your computer through their own software and these updates have nothing to do with Microsoft or Windows Update. So be smart and check what went wrong. A Windows technical support providing company can help you know what is wrong with your update.

There is also another possibility that is more deteriorating is the existence of the problem outside the scope of an operating system. If your Windows doesn’t start successfully, then what you instantly need to do is to follow these tips suggested by Microsoft experts that can be accessed by a toll-free Windows 10 technical support phone number. These tips include:

  • Restart the computer,
  • Start Windows using the best configuration you know,
  • Start Windows in the best mode,
  • If it is not responding positively, uninstall the Windows update(s) by completing an offline System Restore.
  • Test memory and hard drive,
  • Fix the issue if it is related to BSOD.
  • If you are still clueless, then find the latest version Windows and use these steps:
  1. Use Reset This PC to reset Windows 10.
  2. Prefer a clean Windows 10 installation if Reset This PC doesn’t work.

If still things are not favoring, then opt for Window assistance from tech support professionals to overcome the issues created by using security patches.

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