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Controlling and Resetting User Password Feature in Exchange 2013 Outlook Web Access

Controlling and changing password is always a good thing, but the way how we do so is more important. From time to time, people do fail to remember their passwords, or perhaps the password is not as strong as recommended, or they want to change the password every so often so as to ensure the utmost security to their IT structure. In such conditions, they have to go for making a change in the password settings.

But when you have to control or reset the password of Microsoft Exchange 2013 OWA through EAC (Exchange Admin Center), you may require going through some advanced methods. Else, you can also access reliable Microsoft Outlook technical support services. 

In Exchange Server 2013, the mailbox password can be altered or modified by users themselves through their personal Outlook Web Access setup page. On the other hand, they do also have an option to go by an administrator from the Exchange Admin Center, it requires a user to be technically efficient to get through the settings and reset the password.


It creates a technical hurdle because a default Admin user is not approved to reset the password. But it is no longer a challenging task, as you can access a reliable technical support for Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access to get the solution in a real time.

But it does allow the users to add the options manually. While trying to add the option, you need to launch EAC (Exchange Admin Center) and log into using your admin credentials. Select the Permission in features and then click Admin Roles. Here it comes out with a list if added default roles.

Organization Management is one among the default roles, which contains all those roles that an administrator requires. Here now you have to add reset password role to the Organization Management by clicking on the Add icon placed just below the Roles.

Once you get the role added to the admin account, you can reset or change password through your Admin credentials. In addition, it does also allow you to take a complete control over the Exchange Outlook Web Access. You have the following control on your OWA:

  • Permitting password resets for non-expired OWA Accounts
  • Disabling change password feature for all users
  • Disabling change password feature for particular users

While password protection is the utmost necessity for your Exchange 2013 OWA, it is also imperative to take the process of protecting OWA through a right and approved way. For a better and more effective procedure, you should reach out to experienced professionals who can offer you an unfailing technical support for OWA Exchange 2013 in a real time.

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