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Adding Gmail to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app

In Windows 10, the Mail and Calendar apps are quite different from older version of Windows, like Windows 8 or 7. Interestingly, these apps allow you to stay updated on your email and successfully manage communication. Moreover, you can add your other email accounts, like Gmail and Yahoo, with these apps. Following is a step-by-step discussion, suggested by Window 10 support professionals, on the process of adding a Gmail account to the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app.


Adding Gmail to Windows 10 Mail App

Keep in mind that Windows users who are signed into their Windows 10 computer with a Microsoft Account, then their account will automatically get added to the Mail and Calendar apps. Remember: this account will not be removed. Also this protection layer is not extended to other mail accounts. That is why all secondary accounts can be added or removed to the mail only manually. Professional IncrediMail Technical Customer Service Helpline

  • First of all, all Windows users need to open the Mail app and select the Settings icon, which is displayed and at the bottom of the left navigation pane.
  • After this move, what you need to do is to select Manage Accounts > Add account.
  • Next, you will get a list of the most popular email services asking you to add one of your choices. You are likely to choose Gmail account.
  • Once you select an account, you will get a visible Google login screen should be. Here, you need to enter both account and password respectively. You may have to wait for confirmation if you have already enabled Google Two-Factor Authentication. gmail support
  • Then, click the ‘Allow’ button as it will let you Mail app access to your account.
  • Now, the Gmail account will be integrated with the Mail app and inbox will start syncing. The Calendar app will be added to your account automatically. Then, you will observe all the email accounts that you have setup. Press the Ready to go button and all reminders and appointments will be synced in the calendar app.

Adding Gmail to Windows 10 Calendar App

  • The Calendar app will also add your account in case you have your Mail app account connected to Calendar app. If you are asked to offer location access, then you need to hit ‘Yes’ option.
  • After you have done with this app, calendar appointments and reminders concerning your Mail app will be displayed in the screenshot.

These steps are likely to make things quite easy. If not, take assistance from Windows help center or any other reliable 3rd party tech support company for safely and smartly inserting Gmail to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app.

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