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5 Qualities of Windows 10 Edge that Outplays Internet Explorer

With Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has tried to change so many things so as to provide its users with pleasing experience – Microsoft Edge is one among the newly designed applications dedicatedly for Windows 10 OS.

Edge – during the development phase it was named Project Spartan – is a default internet browser that will exclusively run on the latest Windows OS, leaving the users with an amazing browsing experience. Though the browser is believed to a radical break from the Internet Explorer, it has been featured with advanced technology and applications that can assuredly offer the most amazing browsing experience. Windows 10 edge browser support


Here are 5 qualities of Windows 10’s Edge that really outplays Internet Explorer:

No legacy mode for the internet browser:

Unlike Internet Explorer, Windows 10’s Edge will no longer support Microsoft’s ActiveX, Browsers Helper Objects (BHOS), VBScript and third-party toolbars that could be subject to security threats. This step may create inconvenience for some users, but it is ascertained to have no security woes and slow performance while browsing internet through the Edge.

It will support only Adobe Flash and Personal Document Format (PDF).

Better performance with rich browsing experience:

The best facet of the internet browser is its fast performance. It works and browses better when compared to Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s decision to throw out all codes that require backward compatibility has made Edge a leaner and more personalized code based internet browser tool. Windows technical support phone number


Another good thing is its digital personal assistant Cortana that is aimed at helping you locate everything what you want. Another helpful thing Cortana performs is favorably pop up into the address bar every time you are searching for a particular thing – Cortana comes up with similar results with additional information.

Extensions support:

Finally, Microsoft addressed the problem by enabling Edge to support JavaScript-based extensions, letting the users customize the browser and add new functionalities.

More immersive:

Microsoft’s Edge is more immersive that the Internet Explorer. It offers numerous things to improve users’ reading experience. It comprises of two important tools to turn reading online a little better and more convenient. Reading view is a tool that removes additional sections of a website – such as ads, animated videos and design elements — to provide the readers with a clean and focused view with only text, photos and video. It is an elegant tool that avoids any types of distractions while reading online.

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