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5 Conditions When Outlook Doesn’t Respond and How to Repair Them

If you encounter unexpected Outlook’s unresponsiveness or it gets frozen while you work with the email program, then this blog post will surely help you out fix such irritating errors. In addition, you can also go through the top five circumstances when such issues take place.


You would find more than one possible reason for the email program to perform this way. Interestingly, Outlook experts do never think such technical challenges as an unfixable one – you should never get worried if your Outlook email program is not responding due to one or another reason.

What is suggested in such conditions is to dial Microsoft Outlook tech support number and get a direct access to expert technician instantly. You can overcome the issue in a real time, provided that you have selected a right Outlook technician.

Here are five common conditions when you may encounter such things with your Outlook email program:

  • Outlook may not be upgraded to deal with advanced tools
  • There may be Outlook .pst files in a large number, exceeding the set storage limit
  • Antivirus software may be stopping some of its applications from functioning
  • Outlook ad-ins may be obstructing the functionality of your email program
  • Office apps may not be upgraded and they may have incompatibility issue with the email program

To ensure no data is damaged due to the technical error, you need to save all the data files and close them; afterward you would better stop implementing any action. Leave your computer system for a while and check if it comes back to its previous condition.

If it is still not responding, then it’s time to call upon an expert Outlook technician and get a real time tech support service for the problem you are going through. Dial Outlook not responding support services number of your select tech support service provider and ensure a real time solution.

Here’s how to repair the issue:

  • Disable Outlook add-ins

Unnecessary add-ins in Outlook email is never suggested, as it may result in unresponsiveness and freezing issue. The foremost thing that you should practice at this moment is to disable all add-ins that you have added to the email program. Once you remove add-in programs one-by-one from your email program, you should exit the program and start once again.

  • Trim down the mailbox size

It is necessary to maintain and manage your Outlook mailbox so as to ensure a flawless and smooth function. If the size of .pst files goes outsized, it may make your email program run slowly. To resize its folders, you need to implement these steps:

  • Manage the subfolders
  • Resize or compact the .pst files
  • Archive old files
  • Back up your messages and attachments to a safe location
  • Turn off antivirus program

There is a chance that your Outlook email program may be stopped or hindered by the antivirus program. Check if the program is not compatible with your Outlook email app, you would better either disable or uninstall the program. But here, you need to be careful as uninstalling antivirus program from your computer system may damage data files on your computer system. So, you should avoid implementing the step on your own, if you are a novice user. Contact a reliable Outlook customer tech support service provider and get an instant solution to remove problematic antivirus program and install a compatible one.

  • Use Outlook in safe mode

If you experience any technical obstacle while working with the email program, it is technically recommended to start the email program in a safe mode. To tell the truth, when starting Outlook in safe mode, it works without using installed add-ins and other corresponding applications.

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